Circuit Light Table

This project is a light table Samaa Elimam, Rachel Robinson, and myself made  out of  one sheet of plywood .  Its was designed using Digital Project Grasshopper and Rhino. Parameters where given to the distance between the curves and distance of the curves from the surface of the table. The sheet of plywood was milled on a CNC machine. The milling process took about 30 minutes. The cuts fluctuate in depth from about 1/16 to 1/32 of an inch. This fluctuation gives the table a nice gradient of tonality as the line moves across the surface. 

Many studies where done to see how wide an area could be milled away while keeping structural integrity. Thinkness of the line was not used in the he parameters of this prototype but how ever would be used in further variations.  Consideration and prototyping of different types of wood, thickness of lines, and different types of light will be investigated as the project is further developed.


Using graphic language as a way to generate form and visual contrast. It divides fields of smooth with line and crease. The architecture is to be easily read as a whole while still presenting itself as an oddity void of human scale or that of the adjacent context. 


This is a collection of some of my work done during undergrad at the University of Florida 2007-09.

It took me two entire semesters to make this portfolio. I designed it with the help of my wife and one of my favorite professors at the University of Florida, Professor John Maze. It was a fun process to finally go back and reflect on all the things I had worked on and designed. It also helped me realize what parts of design I need to strengthen. In the end it was a fulfilling exercise and I am really glad with the product and memories discovered thought its creation.