Program for Optimizing design of Roofing Systems

I was very lucky to be apart of the design team of Grad students that created this project. The Optimization course was taught by Panagiotis Michalatos, the numerical design professor at Harvard University. This project is to optimize and deploy an overhead condition on to an assemblage of volumes to be arranged intuitively early in a building design work flow. The over head condition morphs to the constructions exterior set up by parameters that are fed real time by the moving volumes that symbolize blue foam model making. The over head can be pushed and pulled on expanded or contracted. The surface can be ported to Rhino to be penalized or piped as well as Voxel coated for seamless connections. Marching Cubes, you got to love them.

symbiote v.1

Co-op Geometry Design Program

A game written and designed for a Numerical Design Course at Harvard University. The course was taught by Panagiotis Michalatos, Professor at Harvard University as well as my Thesis adviser. This is a Multi player surface modeling tool. Each player starts on opposite sides of a peace of geometry that is imported from Rhino or 3dsmax. The Goal of the game is to try to apply more articulation to the surface of the geometry then the other player. Players use gloves that have Green and Red LEDs in the finger tips. These LEDs are picked up by the webcam on each player's laptop and used to control the characters position on the surface as well as modes of articulation. Partners on the project were Matthew Waxman, Will Choi, Carl D'Apolito-Dworkin

Game Assets

Museum : Building or Product

The project is located in the heart of Shibuya Tokyo. This museum is to store the artifacts designed by Sori Yanag a Japanese product designer in its permanent collection while providing spaces for other temporary exhibitions of different product designers. Also the construction is to house a large event space as well as a museum store

How can this object on the landscape present itself as not a product or a building and both at the same time? Form and Graphic are used as a way to create a defamiliarizing relationship between building and passerby. An increased opacity in the void of normative apertures create a defamiliarizing affect on the facade of the edifice. The bulge and pattern on the base of the exterior are generated from the graphic nature of a Jacobean ruff that collides with pattern and field relationship remnant of a Mark Rothko / Barnett Newman painting to add to the defamiliar. The interior is a relationship between three systems an exterior skin, an interior structural skin and a fabric that winds up through the constructions interior. All the materiality inside is to assist in the building of this lucid atmosphere while emphasizing and exaggerating the perceived infinitude. 
Option Studio: Neil Denari : Formagraphics