The Sublime Edge of Porosity

Here in Queens New York nested in the seem between the residential front and what used to be The World's Fairgrounds is the new activated sublime edge. On one side of this urban zipper one finds a territory of a charged and dense commercial boutique combined with a lush strip of highly dense vegetation that creates a long urban corridor of social collision. On the other side of this commercial strip there is a zone of perpetual stillness. A celebration of a lost human scale coalescing with the sensory overload of a super expansion creates a vacuum of the mind with an absurd and immediate contrast of space and place. A carefully injected land mark, like carins erected in a desert, become the threshold between onside to another. These points of porosity mediate super extrovert and introverted experiences. Like attractor nodes they focus to compose an intensified explosion of community. Bringing recreation relaxation and education to the adjacent commonwealth.